The results are finally out, sorry for taking so long.

I was a bit disappointed that out of 15 participants, there were only 5 entries. People have dropped out due to various reasons, or didn’t respond in time.

But, on to the results! The entries are numbered in the order they were received.
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The scan has been chosen! The one with the most votes is this one:

List of participants

  • If you’re not on there and would still like to participate, please contact me at MT ASAP.
  • If you’re on the list and would like to withdraw from the competition, please let me know.

The Rules
Updated with scoring and submission information

Deadline – Nov 21, 2010, 23:59 GMT
Click here for a countdown timer

Go go go!!


Check out the “About” section for rules and details.

Please go to this thread to sign up, and to vote for a scan. You have until Oct 18th to choose.

Some banners you can use to help advertise:
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